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Diagnostic Care
Digital Radiography Digital Radiography
This advanced technology aids in the diagnosis of many health conditions such as broken bones and internal injuries. Digital radiographs produce a computerized image which provides excellent contrast and magnification. Compared to traditional radiographs, the image is much clearer and shows greater detail. The quick processing of digital radiographs means that the images are available for viewing almost immediately, greatly reducing the time your pet must be restrained. In circumstances that require the patient to be anesthetized for radiographs, a light sedative is used and a registered technician monitors the pet until it is fully recovered. All radiographs are stored in the computer hard drive so they can easily be viewed and imported in the patient's digital history. Radiographs can also be instantly transferred to specialty hospitals by e-mail.
Medical Sonography
Sonography, also known as ultrasound, is a diagnostic tool used to visualize and evaluate soft tissue. Using the ultrasound gives the doctor a non-invasive imaging technology in addition to radiography. Doctors use the ultrasound to monitor the progress of pregnant dogs and cats, or diagnose conditions such as liver or kidney disease. In most cases, sedation is not required while performing the procedure, and there is no recovery period.
In-house Laboratory
Technician assistants are trained to perform many types of blood analysis in our lab such as full organ profiles, complete blood cell counts, heartworm antigen detection, and Feline Leukemia tests. Our lab is also equipped for the microscopic exam of urine and fecal samples, tissue cytology, and ectoparasite detection. We also have the ability to send samples to external labs for more in-depth diagnostics.
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