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Surgical Care
We offer a wide range of surgeries, from routine spays and neuters to extensive orthopedic repairs and tumor removals. Our doctors are also able to perform advanced surgeries like cranial cruciate ligament stabilizations in dogs and periurethrostomies in cats. We have two sterile surgical suites that include three operating tables. Each room is outfitted with surgical instruments, surgical monitoring equipment (to evaluate pulse rate and rhythm and respiration quality), anesthesia machines, and filtered air systems. The use of our surgical laser is strongly recommended in most surgeries. The laser cauterizes blood vessels and nerve endings as it cuts tissue; resulting in less bleeding, swelling and pain during and after surgery. Pain management is our top priority after surgical procedures and all patients are monitored closely to ensure they are comfortable. Planned surgeries are performed in the morning, ensuring that most patients can return home that same day.

We now participate with Spay Today: (304) 728-8330

Spay Today Directions:
  1. No food after 8pm the night before surgery.
  2. Water is allowed until 7am the morning of the surgery.
  3. Coupon must accompany pet at time of drop off. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  4. Drop off is between 7:00am and 7:30am.
  5. Cats must be in carriers and dogs must be on a leash.
  6. If the cat or dog is pregnant or in heat or if the dog weighs more than originally described, the owner must pay the difference at Shenandoah Veterinary Hospital when the pet is released. There is an additional fee for cryptorchid males. Obese or mature patients may have an additional charge.
  7. Anything not on the voucher will be charged at full price and must be paid to Shenandoah Veterinary Hospital at time of patient discharge.
  8. To reschedule or cancel an appointment, call the hospital and then call Spay Today with the new date. For cancellation, a 24 hour notice is required.
  9. A technician will call with a post-surgical update around noon. Cats and dogs will be discharged between 3 and 5:45pm.
  10. A current rabies vaccine is required for all cats and dogs. If the owner does not purchase a rabies vaccine, please bring proof of vaccination or else another vaccine may be given and billed to the owner.
  11. A new client information sheet will be presented for owner to fill out and sign. Please allow a few minutes at drop-off time to complete.
  12. Vouchers are valid for two months, are not replaceable and must be returned to Spay Today for refund, if necessary. Everything is refundable except the $4.00 administration fee. Treat vouchers as you would cash.
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